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Episode 29: A Post-Christmas Gift-Tokyo Godfathers

In Today’s episode, Nate wishes you a very Belated Merry Christmas by reviewing a movie by one of his favorite Directors! Check me out on Facebook! facebook.com/OtakuNateShow Every Frame a Painting: Satoshi Kon-Editing Space and time youtube.com/watch?v=oz49vQwSoTE vimeo.com/101675469 Satoshi Kon’s … Continue reading

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Episode 27: Kiss Me Sweet-Sakura Wars (TV)

In Today’s Episode Nate takes a look at one of the most famous anime/Game franchises in japan. A franchise featuring Takurazuka performers piloting robots to save Japan from Demons! EDITOR’S NOTE-If the Audio Quality seems off in this recording, it’s … Continue reading

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Episode 26: The Kanto Redemption-Deadman Wonderland

In Today’s Episode, Nate Takes a Journey to the Goriest place on earth, and discovers that nothing is ever what it seems in this place. Check me out on Facebook!-facebook.com/OtakuNateShow

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