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Episode 31: The Impossible hit-Golgo 13: Queen Bee

In today’s episode, Nate takes a look at the second Golgo 13 anime, filled with violence, politics, and sex…LOTS of Sex! This is the last episode filmed before I moved. Next episode will be in a new room with a … Continue reading

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Episode 21: A Victim of Gravity-Gravion & Gravion Zwei

In today’s Episode, Otaku Nate Reviews a Super Robot show full of action, fanservice, and PADDING! Lots of padding!

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Episode 17: The Twin Dilemma-Figure 17

In Today’s Episode, Nate Finds himself split in two as he struggles to describe a show about a girl who gets cloned.

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Episode 5: Secret Agent Men-L/R: Licensed by Royalty

In Today’s Episode, Nate goes where no one’s go before to review an obscure Spy-fiction anime set in not-England.

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Episode 1: A Boy and His Yokai-Ushio & Tora

In Today’s Episode, Nate gets his show off to a Rocky Start as he reviews an obscure OAV Based on a 90s Shonen Manga!

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