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Episode 24: Children of a greater cause-Fantastic Children

In today’s episode, Nate meets a group of children whose story transcends time and space. Advertisements

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Episode 23: Enter the Megazone-Megazone 23 Part 1

In today’s Episode, Otaku Nate looks at the classic anime that inspired the Matrix…or so he thinks.

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Episode 22: The Road to Paraiso-Michiko e Hatchin

In today’s episode, Otaku Nate looks at an adventure anime about a diva and a little girl on a quest to find a man with a link to their past.

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Episode 21: A Victim of Gravity-Gravion & Gravion Zwei

In today’s Episode, Otaku Nate Reviews a Super Robot show full of action, fanservice, and PADDING! Lots of padding!

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Episode 20: Short Reviews for Short Anime Volume 1

In Today’s Episode, Otaku Nate Reviews not one but 5 quick anime that you could easily watch in a day! Shows covered in this episode include Bubblegum Crisis (1:41-14-19) Shamanic Princess (14:21-20:35) Sailor Victory (20:37-25:08) Shinesman (25:09-29:41) Dominion Tank Police … Continue reading

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Otaku Nate Interviews Richard Epcar

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Chatter Void: SoniAni & Kill La Kill

In a Twofold VLog, Nate talks about the surprisingly confident Super Sonico Anime, and the Epically Awesome Kill La Kill!

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